Pha Mo I Daeng


a major attraction of the park, is a wide rock plateau on a high cliff on the Thai-Cambodian border. This is a good spot to view the Phanom Dong Rak range and Khao Preah Vihear sanctuary 1 kilometre away in Cambodia. A chapel here houses the Nak Prok Buddha image and the oldest Khmer-style bas-relief in Thailand from the 15th Buddhist century.

Khao Phra Wihan


This park covers an area along the Thai-Cambodian border. Tourist attractions in the park include viewpoints on a cliff and a Khmer bas-relief. The park is at the end of Highway No. 221, 36 kilometres south of the district office and 98 kilometres from Sisaket town.

Prasat Khao Phra Wihan or the Preah Vihear Sanctuary is a grand historical site and the centre of a Khmer community on the highlands of Cambodia. The site was built during the 16th – 17th Buddhist century and is more than 600 metres above level ground. Though physically in Cambodia, the sanctuary is easier to reach from the Thai side. From Pha Mo I Daeng, there is a 2-kilometre footpath with historical sites lined all the way to the mountaintop. The sanctuary offers a spectacular view of the Cambodian lowlands.